Monday, September 18, 2017

Brooke's Babelicious Birthday Beach Bash

Alliteration folks. I'm good at it.

Soooo if that wasn't clear....we went to the beach for Brooke's birthday weekend. We semi-successfully hit up the begonia festival, ate at all our favorite places, watched Winnie and Rory have many a two year old battle and played in the waves for hours. Happy 19th birthday Brooke! We love you! P.S. boys, she's single.

^^that's how I feel when I have a s'more in my paws too Winnie^^

Marcum Reunion 2017

You guys, Bainbridge Island summers are truly magical. Steve's parents moved to St George shortly after this so I'm glad we got to experience it one last time! We spent the week on the pretty island beaches, eating great food (always), playing games and soaking in cousins and family. It was truly what the doctor ordered! I really love this Marcum family of mine. I tried to narrow the photos down... but it was way too hard.