Friday, May 19, 2017

Mother's Day Cards

It's become kind of a fun tradition for me to make and send out Mother's Day cards every year! Now that I'm fairly certain the recipients have received them...I thought I'd document! Painting cards has become my favorite nap time activity :) Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Ruth at 2 months

at 2 months Ruth...

still has quite a bit of hair! Maybe a receding hairline...but I can't tell that she's lost much. No bald spot at the back like my babies usually have! Her hair sticks straight up at the crown and I just can't get myself to smooth it down, it's so fluffy and sweet!

is CHUNKY. She had her monthly check up yesterday and she's gained 3 pounds since our last visit, putting her at the 95th percentile for weight and 75th for height.

is a great nurser! Winnie was really hard to nurse so this is a welcome change. She goes right to business and drains me every time (as evidenced by the scale).

smiles and coos. Her gurgly coos are the stuff dreams are made of, my heart wants to burst every time she does it! She's also been locking eyes and smiling a ton, especially right before or after nursing. Every time she sees the goods she gives a huge smile which is hilarious! She loves that cream!  My cheeks get quite the work out smiling at her and Clara's new favorite past time is "getting a smile from Rooof", so sweet. 

has the squishiest rolls. I have to clean them out every day, she has a particularly troublesome one on the back of her knee that hides a ridiculous amount of lint. 

continues to love her baths

has a really strong neck and holds her head up well but still hates tummy time!

has been on a good sleeping streak! She's slept 7-8.5 hours at night for the past 18 days with the significant exception of two nights of 5 hours....which felt worse than they should've given our new sleep expectations. We're so spoiled.

gets lots of love from her sisters. Any time she cries Winnie immediately runs over and tries to shove her binky in her mouth saying "don't coo-why Roof! Shhh Shhh!" in a high pitched voice and Clara gives her kisses and hugs all throughout the day. She's so lucky.

has continued to be so calm and consolable, she's just a joy of a baby!

it feels like she's been here so much longer than two months, in the best way possible. We love you Ruth Elanor, thank you for coming to us, we couldn't be more grateful for you!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day

My heart is so full of motherhood. It's ups and downs, joys and pains together. Motherhood has opened up in me the greatest vulnerability. To love these little souls so much, to exult in their triumphs and ache in their disappointment. I pray for my girls every day, for them to have the strength and courage to follow Christ and make all they can of what they've been given. I've worn out my knees asking for patience and strength to be my best self for them, to discipline and teach without ever letting them doubt my love. It's an immense responsibility, the most important of my life.
I'm grateful for a husband and help-meet who supports and encourages me in my motherhood, who helps me be the best mother I can. I couldn't do what I do without his help, physical and emotional. To share with him the joy of raising these girls has been the greatest pleasure and blessing.
I truly feel that raising these girls is my calling in life. I've never been more tired or more fulfilled. Oddly, one of my first thoughts sitting in the hospital after I had Clara was that, one day, I would be there helping her bring a sweet babe into the world. I still get a little emotional thinking about it. I hope they all get to experience the miracle of motherhood (of body or soul, there are many forms) and can in turn gain a small inkling of the love I have, and always will have, for them.

Happy Mother's Day.

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Ruth's Blessing

This past Sunday was Ruth's blessing day! Steve gave her a beautiful blessing and we felt the spirit of the Lord so strongly. I'm grateful for these special spirits we have the privilege to bring into our home! I just feel an overwhelming gratitude for our family, for my sweet husband and for Jesus Christ who brings us peace and every other good thing we are blessed with. It was such a special day, we were surrounded by family and really great friends. Unfortunately, I did not get any pictures of everyone who came...? I don't really know what I was thinking. I guess we were just having too much fun ;) I did get some really sweet ones of Ruth and our family though. I'm looking at these now and realizing that I don't think I can realistically call it our little family anymore! We're legit! I made Ruth's little fascinator and found her vintage dress on Etsy. She looked like a little angel. After church we had our friends and family over for a light lunch and let all the kids run wild in the back yard. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the full spread owing to the fact that I was just getting the quiche out of the oven as everyone was arriving/ready to eat! My mother-in-law did snap a pic of it half finished (thanks Gena!) so that will have to do! We had fruit pizzas and croissants with ham+cheese thanks to my mom, macarons from Kevin and Gena, salad from my Aunt Tammy (she's a master at salads), homemade quiche by yours truly and strawberry milk and sparkling lemonades from Lucy! Thank you for all who contributed, it was delicious and beautiful!

Overall it was a perfect day celebrating our sweet chunk! I'm feeling all the feels for all the wonderful people in our life. Happy blessing day baby Ruth, we love you so much little darling.

Thursday, May 04, 2017


you know, just a couple of BYU babes.

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

A Squishy Squishy Baby

Just some photos of a squishy baby who sometimes refuses to stay awake after I nurse her, no matter how much I bug her or what position she is in.  Oh those lips! I die. Excuse me while I go mug on her for the 100th time today.

Random Nothings

Some random gems on my camera that hadn't been shared!

sweet little four year old

Kissing baby sister before her first bath!

Looking over and finding that Winnie had made herself a seat in my newborn photo prop....and found a snack while she was at it! lol! I love that little stinker.

birth announcement outtake :) a little cross eyed but so fluffy and cute!

on a walk to the duck pond

Ruth peeking out from the Solly!

Steve with his birthday pie!

Clara wanting to pose with Ruth for her one month photos! And yes...I think Ruth was definitely the only one who got dressed that day.

just chillin', watching Planet Earth for quiet time.

and sister who joined after her nap! with a cookie! Don't worry Kevin and Gena, I'll wash the guest room sheets before you get here ;)