Sunday, July 09, 2017

Our Last Playdate

Alas, Janessa has moved to Texas! Happy for her family, sad for us. We had our last playdate the week she left. We let the girls go to town in the backyard and play together for the last time :( 
Janessa and I, funnily enough, met through this blog when we were both pregnant with Clara and Penelope (they're less than a week apart in age). We were living in Boston and she had just moved to Fresno, as luck would have it we ended up moving back here and we were able to become real life friends! So crazy. Clara insisted on giving Penelope her little felt giraffe to remember her by and we waved them off with sad faces and heartfelt hugs.
We'll visit you someday Janessa! Promise! Enjoy Texas!!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Online Shopping Roundup: Baby Girls!!!

One of my besties is having her very first girl and requested a roundup of all my favorite girl things (bows especially)! I started getting into it and realized it might be easier to do it in blog post I've had a couple of other similar requests and also....the list is sort of long. 
SO here is my list of tried and true girl things! All my favorites! These brands/shops I've used through all of my girls and are things that are both cute and long-lasting! I hope this is helpful for at least someone, but it was also kind of nice to chronicle and remember for myself :)


Hold the Confetti (4 inch hair bow alligator clips)

Modern Piggy


Briar Handmade

Queenie's Kids

Rain People BC




Knit hats:

Sweet KM


Baby Gap


Mini Boden

Old Navy

Nordstrom Rack

Bathing Suits:

Hanna Andersson



Mini Melissa

Hunter Wellies

Freshly Picked (I always try to get a pair on her cyber Monday deals!)

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Ruth's Newborn Photos. Six Weeks.

When Ruth was about six weeks old my dear friend Caroline came over to take some shots of the family with our sweet new baby. I'm so grateful for these pictures! It's such a special, fleeting time and I feel like she captured it perfectly. I don't know what it is about this third baby but I find myself feeling SO nostalgic about all the baby things. I know she's not my last but maybe it's because I feel like I'm at least over half way done? I don't know, but I often have this overwhelming feeling that I need to savor everything. Each time I burrow into her neck rolls and smell that sweet baby smell I get a little teary eyed thinking about how it won't last forever....this is really quite pathetic as it happens multiple times a day. Am I the only one who thinks that that milky (slightly sour) neck roll smell is magic? Am I crazy?? Yes? Ok, moving on.
 Moral of the story is I love these pictures and I'm grateful for sweet friends who are wonderful and so very talented. Also...the pictures of me and Steve with Ruth make me want to have about 10 more of his babies ;) 
Thank you thank you thank you Caroline! These are a treasure.