Monday, April 09, 2018

1 year old RUTH

I can't believe this girl is a year old already! I'm reminded again though, that one year old is still a baby and that is a great comfort.

at one year old Ruth...

is still our chunky monkey and shows no signs of waining. The shoveling of food is still going strong and she is constantly out-eating both of her sisters.

has two whole teeth! 

has lost most of the red in her hair, save for the slightest glint when the sun hits it just right. It's mostly sandy brown and I think it looks a lot like the color mine was as a baby.

always puts her legs straight out (flat) in a spread eagle when I lay her down in bed.

loves clicking her tongue, it's her new party trick.

is quite.....violent in her affections. Many a (happy) slap to the face and fierce grabbing going on over here. 

is the funnest to get out of bed every morning. She may wake up crying, but as soon as I open the door she cracks the biggest smile and starts waving her hands up and down and laughing.

is drooling SO MUCH LATELY. Evidence to be found in every single one of these photos.

has been waking up super late a few times a week (like 10-11am) which seems to be our recipe for sleeping around this age and it's amazing! 

love to spew water, milk and food and blow raspberries, my clothes/face will never be the same.

kicks off all her shoes! Hence the laced up booties she's wearing in these photos. 

We love you sweet Ruthie! You have been a light in all our lives for these twelve months and more! 

Friday, March 02, 2018

11 months

Holy cow, only two weeks until this girl is ONE YEAR OLD. These pictures are on time but it took me a while to post- life is crazy! This sweet girl is just a joy though, 11 months and still my sweet squishy baby.

at 11months Ruth....

is solidly crawling from room to room! I can't get enough of those chubby thighs in action!

still breaks out in the biggest gummy smile/laugh when she sees one of her besties. Her besties being namely me, Steve, one of her sisters, Nana, Papa, Grandma, Grandpa, Fordy or Eleanor. I guess the list is pretty long! She's just the jolliest baby!

has no teeth. She is my biggest and earliest eater....and the latest teether! lol

seems to increase by the day.... despite the increased level of activity.

is so entertaining at the dinner table. Between using her hand as a literal shovel for food into her mouth (I need to get it on video, this description doesn't do it justice), to throwing her head back with nose scrunched squinty eyes and the gummiest smile. It is amazing! She loves her food.

has been my first baby to embrace cow's milk. She's been drinking 4 oz at night and sometimes in the morning as well which feels like a big deal for me! Her doctor this time around said to start giving it to her at 10 1/2 months (whereas I waiting until 1 year to introduce it to the older girls) so maybe that has something to do with it?

has tons of thick hair! It seems to be straight though...the other girls didn't turn curly until they were a year but I'm thinking Ruth might be straight like her momma! We'll see...

is LOUD and very chatty. She's often happy or mad yelling at me about something. It's kind of hilarious. Usually it has something to do with me not feeding her fast enough...

is pulling herself up on her knees but is not a fan of standing on her feet.

gives the best hugs and cuddles and has started pulling me in for long hugs when I'm pushing her in the cart at the grocery store, it's the sweetest.

She is overall just the most delicious little chub! We're all completely smitten!

Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Winnie's Birthday

I forgot to post these photos of Winnie's actual Birthday! She had a great day! I only wish I would've snapped a picture of all the cute kids who came to play with her at the park :/ Happy happy birthday Winnie Mae!!

(unplanned matching poses)

Saturday, February 03, 2018

Ruth at 10 months

The year mark is creeping up so fast! I can hardly stand it!

at 10 months Ruth....

is SO close to crawling. Literally, any day now.

is very verbal and LOUD. She says "dada" "mama" "nana" "papa" "yaya" and many more nonsensical fairy words. I love the baby babble.

loves her sisters. She often fusses when we drop her off at the gym daycare (she's right in the thick of the mommy attachment phase) and the ladies that run it told me they've found that she immediately stops fussing as soon as she see's her sisters are there with her. So sweet.

gives the best cheesy, gummy grins! Her eyes squint, her nose scrunches and she shows all of her nonexistent teeth! I love it!

flaps her arms and rolls her wrists when she's really excited.

is our best eater so far! She eats literally everything which is impressive considering the aforementioned lack of teeth.

gives the best squishy hugs and kisses. She's not super cuddly (or I should say "Winnie cuddly") but when the urge hits her there's nothing like a Ruthie hug.

is a great sleeper. I can count of her to have a solid twelve hours of sleep every night followed immediately by a 2-3 hour nap in the morning right after I nurse her. She's amazing!

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Year end Review 2017


Winnie Mae turned 2! We had a donut birthday party for her with friends, I started feeling quite large and we took one last trip to the beach before I needed to be constantly homebound (for obvious reasons).


We set up Ruth's pseudo nursery (in our room), I had a little birthday party for Caroline at our house and the girl's and  took mom out for a Galentine's date at Robert's.


Baby girl was very much on the way and on March 14th we welcomed sweet Ruth Elanor into the world! It was my hardest labor yet but she was definitely worth it. She was, and continues to be the sweetest presence in our home.


STEVE TURNED 30! A much anticipated occasion, celebrated with the classic birthday pie. We dyed Easter eggs, which seemed to me like quite accomplishment under the circumstances. Easter Sunday was my first day back at church and we spent the afternoon and evening at my Grandma's house in Coarsegold.


We blessed our little Ruth, I got to go to Utah for a reunion with my BYU besties and got a little more adventurous with my three girls in tow. Lots of nursing in the car and proud moments of triumph at the grocery store. Caroline and I also braved a trip up to the ranch (all in one car) to salvage old barn wood!


Fresno really started heating up which meant the blow up pool on repeat in the backyard. The unexpected addition of the plastic slide was Clara's (quite ingenious) idea. Clara gave her first talk in primary, Tay and Rory came to visit and Clara and I got MATCHING HAIRCUTS! It suited her perfectly.


FAMILY VACATIONS. One at the beach with my mom, and the other with the Marcum clan up in Seattle! In between, frequent visits to the pool , mostly Nana's and Grandma Great's. Not to be forgotten...Ruth's first ponytail! 


Morning snuggles, yoga with Caroline (this was unfortunately...relatively short-lived), Winnie was potty trained (yikes), I started my watercolor business and CLARA STARTED SCHOOL! Bah!


We went to the beach for Brooke's 19th birthday and I hosted a dinner for the Young Women who completed the Book of Mormon reading challenge!


I took the girls (by myself, 9 hours in the car) to see Gena and Kevin in St. George while Steve finished studying for the GMAT. Winnie started getting used to not going with Clara to school, we went to our first "pumpkin patch", I hosted our annual Fall Feast and we had a great Halloween!


Clara turned FIVE and got to take a few friends to get their nails done to celebrate. I hosted a pumpkin pie making class with friends. We went to the beach for Thanksgiving and Zane KILLED the turkey! And by that I mean it was surprisingly delicious, go Zane.


We had our prettiest tree yet and I took the girls to see The Nutcracker with Caroline and Eleanor. The event which inspired an abiding love for beautiful dresses and dancing ballet in Winnie and Clara (but mostly Winnie). Christmas was wonderful and the cherry on top was a surprise visit from Kenz!