Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Family Updates: Ruth

At 18 months Ruth...

is as loud and chatty as ever, it's still mostly fairy language but occasionally she'll say phrases which always catches me off guard! Her favorite word is "puppy" and anytime she's sees a dog she points and says "is a puppy!" she'll also say "dats cool" at least once a day. I've also heard "hi guys!" and tons of others, but it's usually preceded and succeeded by a lot of wonderful baby nonsense which makes it hard to keep track of! I love it!

loves animals and is slowly learning how to curb her enthusiasm enough to be soft with Watson and Neo.

Is easily my smiliest baby, all you have to do is glance her way and you'll get the cheesiest, squnity-eyed grin in return! She's such a ham! On the contrast she feels a wide range of emotions and can just as easily be screaming about something as laughing. She can go from crocodile tears to belly laugh at the drop of a hat! I feel like this would've been stressful with Clara (the poor first children of the world) but I just think it's hilarious with Ruth! She's constant entertainment.

Is still totally chubby and delicious but Steve pointed out the other day that she is starting to thin out which is always so sad to me! I wish she would keep the squish forever :(

loves her sisters. Nothing makes her happier than being right in the crazy mix with everyone. When the big girls wrestle with Daddy she plows right in, laughing and growling and completely confident in her ability to keep up. She loves giving unsolicited hugs and kisses to the big girls (and Steve and I) which just melts us all. 

loves being tickled and getting raspberries. If I make my special "eating Ruthie" noise she'll come running down the hall into my arms for a good mugging, no matter what she's doing at the time.

has a love/hate relationship with Winnie. Winnie is usually the long sufferer, putting up with hair pulling and the occasional bite from Ruth, but can also tease and push her buttons a little. But they hold hands EVERY morning coming down the stairs together and sometimes if they wake up at the same time I'll walk in to find Winnie sitting beside Ruth's crib "reading" her books and Ruth looking on affectionately. 

has started having some opinions about food but will usually give in if we leave her in her seat for long enough lol

is overall just a complete and total joy. I honestly look forward to her waking up every morning! We love you Ruthie baby!

Family Updates: Winnie

At 3 1/2 years old Winnie...

is the sweetest, most affectionate girl. She's got a lot of love to give and she gives it freely. There's nothing like a Winnie hug first thing in the morning!

is a complete ham. She loves pulling funny faces in photos and loves a well placed subtle joke. Sometimes I won't notice her faces until the end of the night scrolling through the pictures of the day. 

Loves going to school (church) and playing with friends!

Is really missing Clara now that she's gone at school all day, consequently she's been a little more feisty with her. Sisters. She literally stabbed her in the head with her fork the other day (in Winnie's defense, Clara was being a bit of a pill, her new 6am wake up call has affected her after school mood)...there was a tiny bit of blood and LOTS of drama. I think she's a little hurt that Clara is leaving her behind and it's so sad and a little bit hilarious. Winnie may be sweet and cuddly but she will not be taken advantage of! I secretly like her feisty spiciness, we just need to get a handle on the violence. lol

is really getting into art lately and our favorite thing to do together is go up to the loft and paint while Ruthie takes her nap.

Is not as fearless when it comes to bugs as her big sister (she inherited this from me) but tries so hard to be brave and hold them for at least a second.

Loves cracking eggs when we're baking and is surprisingly good at keeping the shells out!

is my little shadow in the kitchen, especially when I'm cooking dinner. No matter where she is in the house or what she's doing at the time she seems to always know when I start to cook because pretty soon I hear her little voice behind me "can I hewp you?". I suspect this is mostly driven by hopes of getting a taste of butter or cheese, but I love it. She seriously helps every night.

Still prefers to wear "beeful" dresses but has gotten better about letting me have an input every now and again. She loves clothes and always comments on the dresses in the movies we watch, we recently watched the live action Cinderella together and she was mesmerized by the ball scene. A girl after my own heart!

Loves dancing and singing. Every time we're in the car she asks for music "more louder" and yells the lyrics at the top of her lungs. She's partial to The Greatest Showman soundtrack, Super Trouper from Mama Mia, anything by Taylor "Swipt", and the Trolls soundtrack. Her favorite song of all is "Million Dreams" from the Greatest Showman and often asks Steve or I to sing it to her for bedtime.

Is fascinated with the idea of getting married now after these last two weddings and yesterday she announced she wants to marry Jake (our new brother in law).

Is overall just a joy of a three year old. We love you so much Winnie! I'm savoring the last of these toddler days with you!

Tuesday, September 04, 2018

First Day of School 2018

Clara's first day of Kindergarten, September 2018.

*queue the tears 

I thought that I would have been prepared from transitional kindergarten last year, but no. I've cried off and on both days after I dropped her off! It's so hard leaving a little piece of my heart at that school. You never realize how little Kindergarteners are until you drop your own off to find her way in that big huge school! 

Other than my reservations...she seems to be doing great! Her report today was that she made two friends, learned about "The Kissing Hand" and drew a picture of a butterfly pollinating a flower.  I'm so proud of my beautiful, smart, Kindergarten girl!

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Easter Photos at Grandma's and an Adventure

I went up to my Grandma's house to take some photos of the girls in their Easter dresses this year. Spring just feels closer, more real up there than it did in the valley. With our move, I was feeling nostalgic and I think my Grandma's house holds the dearest place in my heart. Amidst all of the chaos of my family, it is the place that never changed. I have photos of me in my Easter dress as a little girl under this same oak tree, buttercups popping up in the green grass. I felt the need to have my girls there too. We visited many times during our years in California, sometimes multiple times a week, but I wanted one last Spring adventure before we left. So after our photos we pulled on our wellies, I strapped Ruth to my back and we set off. My Grandma would often take us hiking down the waterfalls behind her house and I wanted to share that magic with my girls. It did not disappoint. 

The ranch has always been my happy place and although this feels like the end of a chapter for us, it gives my peace to know that we'll take the memories with us.


When Caroline was pregnant with Rosie I forced her to come out to the orchards so I could take some photos of her and her cute baby bump. She is so incredibly beautiful and looking back at these photos makes me a little emotional. I'll never forget our time there in the valley raising our babies together. We laughed and cried together, antique shopped and talked for hours about how to set up our first homes. She's a one in a million friend and our memories I will treasure forever. Although I love our life here in North Carolina, I miss her enormously. Love you Leeny. 

Easter Sunday 2018

This Easter was such a joy. The big girls woke up as soon as their alarm clock "turned green" and rushed out to find their Easter baskets. We snacked on candy, ate chocolate croissants and fruit for breakfast and enjoyed General Conference. Then came the egg hunt in the front yard, an attempt at some sister photos (ha!) and Easter dinner with the Browns! Again, I failed to grab a photo of the food or the company but it was so so fun! I made guyere mashed potatoes, asparagus and brown sugar baked ham. The food and the company were both divine and it was so exciting to sustain our new prophet in the solemn assembly and hear messages of Christ from the general authorities. I love Jesus Christ and I love my family. It was an Easter Sunday for the books!