Monday, November 02, 2009

Engagement Photos

So we got our engagements back last week! 980 jpeg's later we're pretty happy with the way they turned out! My friend Jennifer Ljung and her husband Lasse took them for us ( They did an AMAZING job! The hard part was picking an announcement photo. You'd be surprised how many pictures were not taken of us BOTH looking at the camera and BOTH smiling! I blame Steve...if he wasn't so good looking maybe I would have spent more time looking at the camera instead of his face! Although it was hard to find a traditional "engagement photo" we loved the candid genuine shots that Jenn and Lasse took!

This week will be crazy with tests and school but we're looking forward to any time we get to spend together. Even if it's only in the library! Only 47 days until we get married! What a dream!

P.S. This is the photo we ended up using for the announcement...


  1. that was always my favorite, even if its not as dressy! y'all are a beautiful couple!

  2. You guys are adorable jessica! Being in love is the best! And the pictures are wonderful. A good photographer is the best thing for your wedding day! Congrats!!!


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