Friday, June 11, 2010

San Diego

Just this past weekend Kasee and Jason carpooled with Steve and I to go see our friends Erin and Nate in San Diego! It was such a FUN weekend!

Kasee, Erin and I have been friends since our Freshmen year of college. We met in the dorms and we've been great friends ever since! There's really seven of us total. Here's a picture of us at Women's Conference a couple of years ago!

Caroline: on a mission in Utica NY

Ellen: on a mission in Washington DC

Molly: graduated. living in India, working at a school for the summer

Susan: married. has the most adorable child, Laynie. studying and living in Hawaii

Kasee: married. interning in southern CA

Jess: married. interning in southern CA

Erin: married. graduated. living in San Diego

As you can see we're all kind of on our own life adventures that have led us just about EVERYWHERE! So it's exciting when a couple of our lives cross paths :) I feel so lucky to spend some time with these awesome girls while we're close this summer!


Back to what I was originally talking about, San Diego!

The weekend was filled with girl talk and lots of playing! It was fabulous! Good thing we married guys who get along ;)

The four of us drove down to Nathan's parent's house Friday night, we caught up for awhile, got in the hot tub and then caught some Zzzz's! We had a busy day ahead of us!

We started out at the San Diego Zoo which was a blast!

Here's a pic of the whole group!

Steve and I were especially excited to see the Koalas...

I feel like I somehow relate...

Here's a pic of the pretty girls. Feeling oh so sophisticated on the iron hippo.


Who knew animals could be so entertaining? We spent the morning mimicking animal noises or making up our was a blast!

After the Zoo we grabbed some surf boards and cheap Mexican food and headed to the beach!

We went to La Jolla shores and it ended up being overcast and a little chilly! That didn't stop our boys from jumping in the cold Pacific water!

They ran in with their surfboards and we didn't see them for at least an hour! Plenty of time for some quality girl talk!

Kas and I

All the girlies--After a while Erin put on her wetsuit and braved the water...Kasee and I weren't quite that hardcore.

Despite the gloomy weather it was still really fun! After a few hours though we were getting cold. We decided to pack it up, get some frozen yogurt (not exactly a recipe for warming up), and head home for a barbeque!

The weekend was so fun! Thank you so much Erin and Nate for hosting us! Oh and thanks for the pictures Kasee (you remember my camera died?)!

 We need to do it again soon!

Lots of love,

Steve and Jess

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