Tuesday, June 29, 2010

This week's excitement

I'm Getting Excited For.....

Chicken Satay
that is marinating in my fridge

Apparently I'm really missing Thai food lately...It's all I think about! Thai Ruby withdrawals I guess.

Aaron, Susan and Laynie
who we get to see on Wednesday

My dear friend lives in Hawaii with her cute little family. We haven't seen them since our wedding! I can't wait to see their cute little baby again!

Fireworks on the 4th of July
that Steve and I get to see this Sunday

Remember what I said about Coarsegold and no fireworks? This is kind of a big deal...

Dan and Becca
who are visiting this weekend

  These two lovebirds are heading down our way for the weekend! What a dream right? It'll be so fun to hang out together...plus Steve wont admit it, but he really misses Dan.

So Cheers to great friends and all the things we have to look forward to  :)

Love, Steve and Jess


  1. Wow, how fun is that? I know Becca (but I know her as Rebecca) from when I lived in Corona a few summers ago… And, I think we are coming to good ol’ California this weekend too  Also, I do love Thai Ruby, but THAI DRIFT in Orem puts Thai Ruby to shame. You must come with us once you’re back in Utah Valley!!!

  2. No way? Small world! Becca's fiance and Steve have been friends since High School! HOw long are you staying in CA? We should see if we can meet up! And...YES PLEASE we would love to go to Thai Drift with you guys when we get back! I'm always looking for good thai places!


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