Friday, June 18, 2010

This week's souvenirs

Well it's FRIDAY

So I just wanted to post some of this week's inspiration for me

Here we go...


I thought these were so cool!

Collections in jars = so country chic

You can find more cute ideas here


Ok this totally inspired me to glam up my wardrobe!

You can find the tutorial here to spice up any of your boring t-shirts

There's a fun weekend project for you :)


Does this dressing not look divine?

I'm serisouly going to make it the first chance I get!

You can find the full recipe here


OK I love J.Crew, always have.

I thought that this video was cool that they posted on their site

Striped shirts and red lipstick? Yes please.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Love, Steve and Jess

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