Tuesday, July 20, 2010

LA and the Getty

This past weekend was Kasee and Jason's last weekend in southern California...tear.
(luckily we will be reunited in Provo in just 1 month)

As a last hurah Kasee and Jason, Nate and Erin, and Steve and I decided to all get together and go to the Getty museum in LA

It was amazing.

I definitely recommend it to anyone in the area

The museum is free, you just pay $15 per car for parking

Steve and I like museums in general but this was a treat

(the girls)
As you can see there is an incredible view of the city from the museum

(Babe alert)
There were also some fantastic gardens

(The girls on a bridge in the gardens)

Aside from some amazing art exhibitions (we loved the documentary photographs exhibition) the Getty featured some beautiful architecture and fountains

We were especially fond of the white limestone walls throughout the museum...it reminded us of Jerusalem!

After the museum we went to walk around the LA temple grounds

The LA temple is beautiful and HUGE

I had never realized how big it was!

It was a wonderful day! We are so glad that we got to share Kasee and Jason's last day here! We will miss you guys!

My only regret?

Not getting a group picture! What were we thinking guys?

Love, Steve and Jess


  1. Jess, you are absolutely gorgeous!!!

  2. I know!! No group picture. What a fun day though! Loved it :)


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