Thursday, July 01, 2010

Pretty Little Things

SO I've kind of been on this crafty kick lately

Jessica...being crafty?

Who knew?


Remember how I made these rosettes?

And how I said they would look cute on shoes?


I ended up making these cute little flats for my darling niece Kate

My sister-in-law Brittney just had a baby so I decided to make a little gift basket for their family

and these pretty little things made their way in

They're VERY amateur but...I'm kind of proud of them!

The best part is they aren't that complicated! No sewing machines involved.

I did the same thing I did for the rosettes on my shirt.

I just needed a couple extra supplies...

Plain black ballet shoes


One piece of
 green craft felt
 (25 cents at Michael's)

I began by making the satin rosette the same way I did before

to read the tutorial click here

For the golden center of the rosette I just gathered a piece of ribbon and hand stitched it into the center of the rosette...but there are plenty of pretty things you could put there!


faux pearls




a thrift store broach



Lots of things would be cute! I just used the ribbon I had on hand

Once I finished my rosette I cut out 4 leaves of the green felt (two for each shoe)

and 2 squares of green felt as big as the bottom of my rosettes (measure it at the bottom to make sure the squares wont peek out from under the rosette!)

Then go ahead and stitch your petals onto the back of the rosette, making sure to position them how you like. I tried to stitch through the center so the stitching wasn't noticeable.

Now stitch the square to the bottom of the rosette.

Once you've finished I would recommend stitching the rosette to the shoe, going along the edge of the green felt square.

At first I was worried because I thought the stitches would bother Kate...

So I consulted some fabric "experts" about a strong fabric glue that would work

I used it.

and... the rose was no longer on the shoe within the first 10 minutes she wore them

I ended up stitching them on later that night, I was so embarrassed! 

My Recommendation: Save yourself the embarrassment and stitch them the first time :) 

Anyway, I thought this was a fun little project!

I even think this would be cute to do for grown-up shoes

Sidenote: Please excuse the blurry pictures. A new camera is in the works...Plus this was definitely taken in the middle of the night (notice the pajamas), in the car, with an iPhone.

Next project?

Spruce up some old cardigans.... with these

Until Next Time!

Love, Steve and Jess


  1. Umm how cute are you?! Those are adorable!

  2. You just become cooler everyday don't you? :D Love it.


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