Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mr. & Mrs. Hanks

So Friday evening I went to Katie and Joel's wedding in San Diego with my sister...

Then Saturday morning Steve and I went to see these two

Get married in Redlands!

We love these two and are so happy for them.

The Redlands temple is gorgeous!

and the flowers on the grounds were fantastic

I was diggin it

Steve and Dan have been best friends since High School.

They've roomed together every year in college

 (until they both got better looking roommates).

They are in the accounting program together.

They basically love each other.

Becca was such a beautiful bride. Absolutely stunning.

OK and look at her flowers, they were so unique!

Lillies, dahlias, orchids, and roses.

Lovely combination.

I've gotten to know Becca because of Dan...but if we would've known each other previously I'm sure we'd have been just as good of friends! Love this girl!

Becca and Dan had a luncheon after the temple

They both prepared something to say about each other for their guests.

It was beautiful.

Dan, a romantic? Who knew?

Their reception was so fun! (sorry about the bad lighting)

Don't you lover her cake topper?


Don't worry, they were nice to each other :)

There were little sandboxes at the tables.

Steve and I had fun writing each other secret notes!

It was a beautiful day for a beautiful couple

Congrats again Dan and Becca!

Marriage is even better than you expected :)

Here's Steve sending them off

We love you guys!

Thanks for letting us share your day with you :)

Love, Steve and Jess

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