Tuesday, August 24, 2010

over a year

It's been over a year...

Since I laid eyes on this masterpiece

There was no going back after that.

You know,

 I couldn't tell you the exact moment I knew I wanted to spend forever with this man...

when I knew i wanted him to be the father of my future offspring...

but if I had to guess, this moment might be up there.

How could I resist the safari hat and fanny pack?

On a CAMEL nonetheless!

Love, Steve and Jess


  1. i felt the same way when i met steve and to this day when i talk about steve marcum i refer to him as my good friend, the masterpiece. haha jess you give me the giggles

  2. That picture is priceless. Such lucky people you two are! Lucky and blessed too of course. :)


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