Monday, August 23, 2010

San Diego, Friends, and moving!!!

This past weekend our friends Bryan and Richelle came to visit

We love when friends visit :)

We met Bryan and Richelle on our study abroad in Jerusalem

Bryan and Richelle went to Jerusalem

Steve and I went to Jerusalem

Bryan and Richelle got married after Jerusalem

Steve and I got married after Jerusalem

We were destined to be great friends!

They stayed with us on Friday night, then Saturday we headed down to San Diego to go to the beautiful temple

Seriously. It's gorgeous.

Then...we headed to the beach!!

I created a private place for Steve to change into his bathing suit

but when you're laughing hard...

it's hard to keep it completely private.

We had a couple close calls, but in the end no innocent children were scarred for life.

Job well done Jess, you're such a great wife!

Thanks, I know.

We also buried Bryan alive

Look at Richelle looking so pretty and innocent...she was secretly hoping the tide would come and get him wet before he escaped...Don't let that facade fool you. She's devious that one ;)

but don't worry we're not that good at burying people.
 he escaped shortly after the burial

Then the boys jumped in the freezing Great White shark infested waters while the girls chatted on the sand

See how they are 2 of 3 people left in the ocean...crazy boys.


The day was so much fun! We look forward to more adventures with these guys in Provo!

Now excuse me while I go finish packing my mess of a kitchen

Move out date:
 Thursday in the wee hours of the morning

Wish us luck.

Provo here we come!

Love, Steve and Jess

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  1. Mrs. Marcum, can I just tell you how joyous I am that you are such a good regular blogger. It makes me a happy girl to read about your wonderful life all the time. And I'm sooooo happy that you and Steve are soooo happy. That is just the greatest thing ever.


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