Friday, August 20, 2010

Tay Way

Once upon a time

My seeester came to visit me.

We made yummy food together

I took her to get my newfound love at Ruby's

she also got real food, like a veggie burger

and I got a yummy turkey cranberry sandwich

I also wore an awesome all leather thrifted jacket

$20 people. All leather. Mint condition. Oh yes.

We saw a movie and took lots of silly pictures together

we got pedicures together

I painted mine bright pink,

She got a more practical color.

Then, when she left at 4:00 am she took this picture of husband and I cuddling. On the wrong side of the bed. 

I love you sister, I miss your ravishing face!

Good thing I'll be seeing you in a week!

Love, Steve and Jess


  1. Love that thrifted jacket! Good find. Also those tomato basil things look really good - what are they??

    You would cuddle like that hahah...

  2. Yeah, you absolutely slept like that all night :) Precious children....

    I LOVE YOU TOO!! Move back into my life. nuff said.


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