Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Things things things and thoughts and things and more things

Here is a random assortment of my thoughts today...

These clear vintage light switches are cute. If I had a house I would put them in it. I told my mom she should buy some for her new house, I hope she does. Besides being unbelievably cute...they look like they'd be really fun to use.

I also like the wall paper in this photo. Is it too Grandma ish? Sometimes I don't really have a radar for that. One time my best friend told me not to whip out my grandma clothes until my boyfriend got to know me better...I have Grandma clothes?


Husband just sent me this picture. This is the view from the place he ate lunch at in NYC today. I miss husband. The pillow isn't as much fun to cuddle with at night.

What if we end up living in New York for a while? It'd be fun to eat yummy food and be a rockstar like these guys did. 

(P.S. that's like my new favorite blog lately, they are so cute.)

Plus I've never been, and it would be a new adventure! Yay!

"To live would be an awfully big adventure"

Name that movie.


I wish it were practical for us to get a puppy right now.

Because I think I want an English bulldog puppy.

fat. cuddly. wrinkly.

Everything I could ever ask for in a puppy.

Is it better to get a puppy before or after you have babies? Is it good practice for a baby? Or is that a myth? Thoughts?

I still love my wedding dress.

Even after seeing everyone's flowy pretty summer wedding dresses this season.

Of course the sentimental value could have something to do with it.

But I do I do I do love it.

Sometimes I wish it was socially acceptable to wear it again. Don't you wish we still had balls? You know, where everyone dresses up and dances? Like the ones in Jane Austen movies? Hmmm. How fun. Maybe I'll throw a "ball" one day.

Too many chick flicks since husband has been gone.

Love, Steve and Jess

(but today, mostly Jess)


  1. I think those light switches look fun to turn on and off as well lol. Also I LOVE your dress! That picture was totally worth sneaking into that room in the capital building ;)

  2. Jessica! I am obsessed with english bulldogs! Just ask Isaac and he'll tell you how much I have been begging to get one ha ha

  3. Aren't they SO cute! Everytime I see one I want to just eat it up! Let's try and convince Issac and Steve that it's a good idea :)

  4. OH and Erin, I know right? It was totally worth being kicked out by the security gaurd :)


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