Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Utah/Idaho Weekend

As I said before, we made the trek back to Utah and Idaho this weekend!

It was so fun and I took SO many pictures, so I thought I'd share some with you!

Let's start with....

Burley, ID

It was so fun for Steve to do the race with his Dad and our brother-in-law Pete! Good job guys, you're awesome!

Many people have asked if I did anything athletic that weekend...and since I fully endorse cheerleading as a sport I would tell them YES I absolutely did do something athletic that weekend! I'm such a good wife ;)

From top to bottom: Steve looking studly-getting ready to start the race, Steve coming in from the bike, Steve with Kevin and Pete (Dad and brother-in-law) at the end of the race

Now for...

The Wedding
Salt Lake City, UT

One of Steve's best friends from High School, TJ (Matt Christensen) married his beautiful wife Natalie in the Salt Lake Temple. They are such a lovely couple and we're so happy that we got to see them on their special day! They totally had the newlywed glow, I love that!

OK and here are some pics of the reception....It was gorgeous!

The details were fabulous, I was so impressed!

It was girly, whimsical and fantastic!

Loved it!

Those were some of the details of her table centerpieces. Gorgeous right? So vintage and chic.

Her backyard was gorgeous, my pictures don't do it justice!

She had the prettiest desserts! GAH! I was in heaven!

and they even had...

Catered Leatherby's ice cream with cute waffle cones! How fun!

Steve and I had so much fun at the wedding and the whole weekend for that matter!

Family and Friends are the best!

On the docket for next weekend....

Veater family. Brother's sweet 16. Ranch. Leeny's Homecoming. Mac and Lo Lo.

Can't wait!

Love, Steve and Jess

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  1. Those desserts look amazing... I want all of them! Cute outfit :)


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