Thursday, September 16, 2010

Awesome people, and a spatula...

So today, I was inspired

I read about a Saudi Arabian woman who spoke out against extremism and women's oppression.

on national television.

in a niqab.

read about her by clicking here

I also read about a bus driver who turned her bus into a library.

she is my hero.

changing kids lives through literacy.

you can learn about her here

and then there's me,

who doesn't even know what to do with a spatula...

 on a slightly different note.

I realized that I left my spatula in storage all summer

I never even missed it

Maybe I should practice baking more often....

Poor Steve.

Change the World!

love love love


  1. Lovely post. Lovely like yourself beautiful girl.

  2. No, Steve is not poor when it is comes to your cooking. It always seems you're cooking up something in that kitchen --- at least he gets dinners. Yesterday I told Brian that I would look up some new recipes, and he said, "Really?!" Now that's a poor husband. You inspire me to cook. I've been perusing your cooking links, so thanks!

  3. I love your blog! That article was amazing!

    also, you have the cutest style! I love all your cute headbands!!


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