Monday, September 20, 2010

Chilean Independence

This past Saturday was Chilean Independence Day!

Happy 200th Chile!

Being that husband served a mission for our church in southern Chile

we decided to celebrate

Empenada style.

(Steve putting together the Empenadas)

We had a fancy party

that included:

Rootbeer and Cherry Limeade

 Yummy Chilean Food

(picture excludes Taylor who left early to hike the Y...who does that? Come on Tay...hiking the Y with your roommates over hanging out with a bunch of married people? Really?)

and fabulous friends

and no the flag on Steve's shirt (and in the doorway) does not signify our Texas allegiance.

Chilean pride



we had a fantastic time! 

Thanks to everyone who celebrated with us!

We love you guys!!

Yay for Chile


and reasons to throw parties



  1. We celebrated Chilean Independance day too! We watched a video Nate made of his mission pictures and his trip to visit his mission again a year later. He gets really excited about September 18th as well!

  2. Come one, we all knew I secretly wanted to stay and be the only single one in the room for a few more hours.... ;) dang roommates.


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