Monday, September 13, 2010

Date Night

Friday Night

The mister and I 


we went on a hot date

we went to perhaps one of our very favorite restaurants here in Utah

it may be our very favorite....but that's pretty strong language

for a girl who loves food so much....

I don't know if I could bind myself to just one restaurant, one genre of food

Anyway, it's one of our favorites

'nuff said

We love the thin crusted pizza

In our eyes (or stomach?)

It's perfection

Plus it's just got this authentic Italian feel to it



This time we also got the bruschetta 

It was just ok....not really my style

but maybe it's yours

but we LOVED our pizza as usual

we got the Terra Mia to split this time

and it was lovely

Hope you all had a fabulous Friday Night as well!

I'm looking forward to this weekend's date night

Out on the town with my hunny

Could there be anything better?

I think not.

P.S. I know this picture is blurry...but i kinda like it

Love Love Love.


  1. I absolutely love how in love you are. It just makes me so happy.

  2. I worked at Terra Mia the summer after Jerusalem! Ha. Their pizza IS very tasty.


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