Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Gloria's Little Italy

So to celebrate Steve's race

(update on the race soon)

and the end to his unhealthy eating fast

we went to

Gloria's Little Italy

I HIGHLY recommend this place

if you're anywhere around Provo that is

I used to go to this place when it was a little whole in the wall on 3rd and 3rd and everyone spoke Italian.

They've now moved to a more convenient (and large) location

on the corner of University Ave and Center Street

but it's still kept it's Italian charm

and Amazing food

(sorry for the sideways pic. Blogger is being weird)

Steve and I both had an amazing dinner there last Saturday

he started out with a salad and the house dressing (Vinegarette)

very good.

I started off with the Minestrone soup



The salad was good...but lettuce just can't beat this stuff, no matter how you look at it!

Steve had La Campagnola with Angel Hair.

Very good.

It was a lovely dish. Fresh and light. Lots of veggies.


yes, I did eat off his plate. I'm prim and proper like that.


check out this culinary masterpiece.

It may look ordinary

but it DEFINITELY wasn't

I was very impressed

You really need to go to Gloria's and order it immediately, it's simply FABULOUS darlings

It's the Salsa Rosata with Penne

Yum Yum yumyumyum

I was a little hesitant to order it at first...

because the menu describes the sauce as a "creamy sauce"

and I don't like heavy pasta

but let me tell you it was perfect

creamy...but not heavy, full of flavor, ahhh

so wonderful

to say the least I recommend it

and this restaurant in general
(Plus the desserts are beautiful. We didn't try any but we're determined to drop in and try some soon!)

Anyway, if you're looking for a night out on the town swing by down town Provo and check this place out.

The food is wonderful

and the ambiance at the restaurant is lovely to boot

You wont regret it!

Love, Steve and Jess


  1. We went there the other week- it was really good, but a bit expensive. The lady told us to get a coupon at Smiths, so we went to smiths. But, no coupon :(

  2. Boo! Yeah, it's definitely something for special occasions! Not your average date night, but we loved it!

  3. This place really is great! We actually had our rehearsal dinner there... haha! That's how much Russ's dad loves it, and considering he paid for the rehearsal dinner, what Russ's dad says goes! :) (no complaints here...)

  4. That food looks delicious! Cute date night pictures :) I love your hair. Always so vintage and cute.

  5. Hey! Matt and I went to the little whole in the wall while we were dating too :) The new place is still pretty great, though. We are majorly missing Provo


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