Thursday, September 09, 2010

Utah Half

Our first weekend back in Provo 

we were greeted by thunderstorms 

and a really long triathlon

Steve and his Dad competed in the Utah Half Iron Man at Utah Lake.

It was so fun watching them race!

We started out by waking up way too early to go down and set up. 

notice I use the term "we" very loosely, again, the only athleticism exhibited by yours truly was an unnaturally loud voice (it took a lot of training to get my windpipes to perform like that ok?)

Not that Steve minded. I think he woke up a total of seven times the night before the race. Just like a little kid on Christmas Eve. Who knew pushing your body to the limit would be something to look forward to?

They started out with the swim

Steve's the one in the orange swim cap up in the front, can you see him?

No, not the one closest to the camera, the one at the front of the pack. First row, third from the left. 

See him now?

and there he is crossing the finish line!

me with my tired man!

After a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, and 13 mile run...

you'd be tired too...

or if you're like me you'd be dead.

Unfortunately after a wrong turn during the bike ride his Dad wasn't able to finish, but Steve was glad to see him at the finish line!

Steve wearing his medal!

I'm so proud of all your hard work babe! 

You're my hero!


  1. Way to go Steve! I hope you both enjoy eating lots of sweets now that the pre-race sweet fast is over! :)

  2. Hey jessica!

    This is shari from freshman year...hope you don't mine me reading this! I just wanted to say WOW and congrats to your husband on completing a half im! My husband has been training for one too, he's done a few sprints and one olympic but he's set to do his first half in two weeks and a full next year so I know the time that goes into a race like this. Way impressive!

  3. Shari! I don't mind you looking at all, I'm glad you are :) Good luck to your husband on his half and full, that's crazy! Steve's done 3 Olympics and 2 Halfs, he loves it!

  4. oh and Erin...believe me...there was a sweets binge after this race. Mostly by Steve, but I participated as well! lol


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