Tuesday, September 14, 2010

White after Labor Day

So today....

I wore a white skirt

and yes I know it's after Labor Day

but you know what?

Nobody openly mocked me

Nobody de-friended me on facebook

I wasn't struck by lighting....

whoever said that white wasn't cool after summer anyway?

I feel so free!

Here's to fashion rebellion!


  1. I realize this isn't the topic of your post, but your house is right by where we used to live in the cottage! I wonder if you're in our old ward. Can you go visit LOU for me?

  2. YES so socially unaccpetable, I love it. Meeeeehhhhhh!

  3. Susan, I've thought about that before! What street was the cottage on? I loved that place! Maybe we will live there one day :) And no I can't visit Lou. I don't know if you remember....but he is the spawn of Satan. Do you recall what "Lou" stands for? LUCIFER. He can't be trusted.

    Erin, I know right? Rebel with me! Muahahahahahha


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