Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bijou Market

First of all,

Seattle is amazing!

It's such a beautiful place, we're loving it.


Last weekend my sister and I 

Along with the lovely Kasee and Caroline

went to Bijou Market

it was so great! 

I wanted to buy everything in there...literally.

I did manage to exhibit some self control,

but i wanted to share with you some of my favorite finds!

found here.

found ?

found here.

found here.

found here.

Enjoy your time with friends and family!

I know we are :)

Aren't the holidays the best?



  1. Oh my goodness! I have that exact "fat gives things flavor" sign framed in my kitchen! Looks like you like kantan designs too. I wish I lived in utah to go to all the cute craft fairs so I don't have to pay shipping! Life is so hard :)

  2. EEEEK!!!! Your headband is glorious!!! Happy Thanksgiving sweet friend! I heard in one of Lisa's emails that Sisar Rassmussen is coming home because of her health. I feel so sorry for her! I hope you keep having a lovely time with you family!!


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