Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Thai Ruby

Last week...

I introduced my sister to the wonder that is

Thai Ruby

Needless to say she loved it

I mean, did you really even have to ask?

We ordered the Chicken Pad Thai and Cashew Chicken (my personal fav)

going there totally took me on a trip down memory lane. 

Living in a cute little townhouse

with three fabulous roomies

walking down 820

covered in yellow leaves

 wearing wellies

heading over to J-Dawgs or Thai Ruby 

on any given day of the week


good times

Don't you love those places that just...

take you back?



  1. Ohh so wonderful! I love those days on "cloud 9"! Miss you and thai ruby!

  2. Thai Ruby is definitely good, but just WAIT until you try Thai Drift! It's the BEST! ~Stef

  3. Awww THAI RUBY! I miss all those things too! What great memories :)

  4. Looks yummy! And yes...places that take you back are the best.

  5. Oh Thai Ruby! We love that place. We went there on our first date, and then on the day we got engaged. Needless to say, it's special to us and I can't wait till I can go back :) PS. You look so great!!


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