Monday, November 29, 2010

A Turkey Update

Well guys, turns out I didn't ruin Thanksgiving Dinner

thankfully :)

It was a long process....

but I have to say that the Turkey turned out pretty well

Look at that golden deliciousness



and the rest of the dinner turned out pretty well too!!

Steve's Dad is a total gourmet chef

but really.

his recipes were amazing...

here's a couple action shots of everyone getting the feast ready!

There you have it, 

the finished product!


Oh and this is for your viewing pleasure,

Kevin made Lobster bisque the day we got there (tomato soup for me of course)

but we had a little fun with these guys before they met their timely death...

don't judge us.



  1. That first picture of you my dear is GORGEOUS! I love that cardigan!


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