Monday, November 22, 2010

Update: HP7... no spoilers

There is only one word to describe my Harry Potter 7 experience:


it was fantastic.

seriously...I was enthralled

I encourage all Harry Potter fans to check it out!

mmm..... love

Oh yeah.

and in order to go my husband informed me that I would need to dress up

so I made my hair as crazy as possible, procured a wand, and made a Gryffindor tie....

Hermione anyone?

I know it's not super original...but I didn't have much time

My brother said he saw someone dressed up as the whomping willow at his midnight premier

crushed car and all.

impressive no?




  1. um, move over Emma Watson! Girl, you are too cute. you look perfect in this picture, i love it! I still need to go see HP, we decided to save it for thanksgiving break, but i am dying to see it:)

  2. good thing you put "no spoilers" in the title... i may not have read it! We are looking forward to seeing it over Thanksgiving, cant wait!

  3. uhhhh what the heck?? where was the whomping willow person? that is legendary and i wish i had seen it! but you look like a very very convincing hermione. i'm glad you didn't spoil anything for me. i plan on going this week for sure and am so excited!!


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