Saturday, December 11, 2010

It's Times Like These

when I'm stressed 

and can't find the motivation to study for ONE MORE final

That my mind wanders to carefree holidays with family

Turkey Runs

Huddling for warmth

Fun shopping

Pottery  Painting

Good family times

and it just makes me SO excited to be back in 

the beautiful 

the magnificent

the one-of-a-kind

one stop light

buzzing metropolis of

Coarsegold, CA

in just one week!

surrounded by large animals and the people I love :)

Here's to daydreams!!



  1. mmmmmmmmm :)
    i cant wait for you to be back there either.

  2. How did you like Pike Place? I must say that is my favorite thing in Seattle I think...or close to it. Anytime anyone visits we take them there to see.


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