Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Candied Walnuts

Ladies and Gentleman

I'd like to inform you all that I'm one step closer in my quest...

 to create the perfect candied nut.

You see for many moons they have literally been

 the bain of my existence

I have tried recipe after recipe after FAILED recipe

They always seem to turn out wrong

until I tried to make up my own recipe...

and I have to say it turned out pretty well!

so I thought I'd share them with you

they're delightful little dears

I hope you enjoy :)


First you start with about a half a cube of butter

(and let's be honest, if there is anything you've learned from me...I hope it's that anything that starts with butter is bound to be fabulous.)

Please pretend to ignore my stained pan


Next pour in 4 tbsp of honey

Then add 1 tbsp pure maple syrup 

(the runny kind...)

After you have melted them all together 

dump 2 cups of walnuts in the pan

stir until they are all coated

Next turn your stove to low and stir the nuts around until they harden

and make sure they don't burn!

you must be diligent.

Once they are done and crispy 

(about 10-15 mins.)

spread them out on parchment paper and let them cool

Then put them on a fantastic spinach Waldorf salad

or eat them like candy

or all of the above.


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