Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Happy New Year!

Well hello 2011

You crept up rather fast didn't you?

no matter, I think we shall be great friends!

Steve and I spent New Years on the Pacific Ocean

unfortunately Steve came down with a bit of a cold  

therefore our New Years Eve consisted of going to bed early 

and setting the alarm at midnight :)

regardless, we had a great night eating dinner and hanging out with family

My little sister even let me dress her up and put make up on her!

it was a dream.

I love New Years

 setting new goals

and seeing a new even better future for myself


it's almost like a clean slate

you're starting out with raw ingredients again

and you can make whatever kind of fabulous dessert you want

whatever tickles your fancy

2010 was good to me, 

and I hope to make 2011 just as good

Happy New Year!


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