Wednesday, January 05, 2011

A little Review

2010 was a fantastic year

I think I speak for both my sweetheart and myself when I say...

it has been our best year yet.

but as with all things in life, 

you can't have all sunshine and no clouds

so here's a little review of this past year

the sweet...and the bittersweet

We rented our first UHAUL
(by the end of the year we had rented 4...we are out of control.)

We moved into our first apartment

We celebrated Grandpa Al's 80th birthday

We went snowboarding together

I taught some really cute second graders

We lit some insane brush piles 
(for an explanation...see here)

I lost my best friend

We discovered the Golden Spoon 

We lived 10 minutes from the beach

We moved into our second apartment

and then a third...

We celebrated Chilean Independence Day

Kasee and I threw Erin a baby shower
(and I got to see her cute bump! Yay!)

I fell in love with the 6th grade

Steve got his first pair of cowboy boots

We watched my Dad win another world title

I cooked my first turkey

We visited the Marcums in lovely Seattle

I lost a childhood friend...too soon

I reunited with a dear friend after a year and a half 

I saw one of my best friends marry her college love

We bought our first Christmas tree

We basked in the Mexican sun

We celebrated one blissful year of marriage 

and fell more and more in love

Goodbye 2010,

Thanks for being good to us.



  1. even I am overwhelmed with how wonderful your 2010 was. oh my. that was an impressive year my friend! i cried a little when you said you were reunited with a friend. i dream of the day i get to see my friend again!

  2. p.s. my husband's dad used to be a pro calf roper in the 70's, what's your fathers name if you don't mind me asking!?


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