Thursday, January 27, 2011

my terrible horrible no good very sad week

My dear old Bandit passed away this week...

and with him and Frosty passing so close together 

it's been a little rough

it's really like letting go of my childhood 

or what my mom calls my "first boyfriends"

I loved this fat little corgi with all my heart

he was my shoulder to cry on 

through those rough High School years.

he was my little riding buddy 

when all I needed was to get out in the open and think.

my perfect little gentlemen.

I'll miss him so much

but one thing I've learned through losing Frosty 

and now Bandit

is that sometimes...

 it's ok to cry

even when you know it's going to be ok 

even when you know they're in a better place

it's ok to let it out.

 I'm just so grateful to have my Steve

who can hold me through the night while I cry myself to sleep



  1. i am so sorry for your loss. it is an extremely heartbreaking experience. i love the way you look at such a sad moment in your life.

    and you're right, it definitely helps to have someone to hold you when you cry! rest in peace, bandit! and i hope you fee much much better soon.

  2. I'm so sorry Jess :( Let yourself cry and feel better soon. You can call me anytime!

  3. So sorry for your loss....we have two little doggies (and 2 at my parents house that I feel like are mine as well) and we love them so much, I can't even think about the fact that they might get old and have to leave us someday...losing a pet can be so hard.

    Here is a link that someone gave me a while back hope that maybe it can be of some comfort to you.

  4. Chris and I read your EVERY day. It's actually how we got hooked on Terra Mia! We are so sorry to hear about your furry friends. :( Chin up, Jessica.

  5. I am so sorry honey. but it is true that they are together and happy now. I firmly believe animals go to heaven with us :) lets do a girls day ASAP, I am so sorry I can't do it tomorrow! love you darling.


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