Thursday, January 06, 2011

Pretty little things

Well I just got home from my first full day in the classroom

and I should probably be working on my Teacher Work Sample

(aka huge capstone project due in Feb.)

but all I find myself doing is...

 burying my head in a book

and admiring some of my pretty Christmas presents!

So I thought I'd share my view with you

and subsequently lead you down my non-productive paths


just kidding :)

kind of.

am I a lucky girl or what?

top to bottom: leopard flats, vintage-inspired vase, vintage restored tea set (restored by my sister, how awesome is she?), Sephora make-up kit, vintage candlestick holder, and of course my new camera...that I can't put down.


  1. so fun! love the oval mirror and the tea set is so awesome!

  2. oo - love the makeup, and the camera, and the shoes... ok, so i love everything.

  3. You know Alex is serving in the Chile Santiago West mission. But I think my brother in-law is serving where your hubberz served? I need to double check on that! haha

  4. love love :) proud both my gifts made the cut!


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