Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Night with the Marcums


Steve: Hey honey, please drink some mate with me!
It's from my mission and I want to share it with you

Steve: I know the last time you tried it you hated it...
but it's SO good!
It'll grow on you, promise.

Steve: mmmmm delicious

Jess: Ok honey, I'll try some again

Jess: but only because I love you
and you're really cute

Jess: hmm it still smells like hay

Jess: aughahsldkfjlaskjdf

Jess: it still TASTES like hay too

Jess: honey there is a reason we feed that stuff to horses instead of humans

Jess: AH I think I may die!

Jess: No drama here's really bad.

Jess: fine...I'll try it again
as long as you dump some sugar in it

Jess: mmmmm not as bad this time

Jess: the sugar is coming through....

Jess: Nope! The after-taste is still there!

Jess: Ah I'm dying! 
Water. Now. Help. Please. Someone.

Steve: Oh no! Is it really that bad?
Nope...still as delicious as ever!

Steve: ooo there's more where that came from

Steve: mmmm 

Steve: Chilean goodness

Jess: Some things...I'll just never understand.



  1. I tried some once, I think it was supposed to be peach flavored. But I just remember the grass flavor. Yuck.

  2. Hilarious. We side with you on this one, Jess. It really does smell and taste like hay. Steve also ate rice with mayonnaise while in Chile proving that he was engaged in other disgusting food-like combinations.

  3. To my defense, rice and *Chilean* mayonnaise is actually pretty good.

  4. My brother served in Chili too. He was a mate freak when he came home! I love it, but only because it gives you a nice little "high." :)

  5. My brother LOVES mate! He brought it home from his mission in Argentina. My thoughts were just like yours. It's hay. and his response was that it would grow on me. Never has..

  6. Ha ha... this post made me crack up! Josh picked up the mate habit in Chile as well. I did acquire the taste, but I pour in a pack of mint herbal tea with the mate herb- and I always add sugar!


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