Monday, February 28, 2011

I'm tired

I'm running on approximately 2.5 hours of sleep

but you know what?

life is good.

because my project is done

and I'm on my home stretch to graduation!

Just six short weeks 

and the never-ending cloud of homework and exams that has been looming over my head

 for the past 17 years 

( the math, it took me five years to graduate from college. Don't judge me.)

will disappear from my perceptual reality

in other words

I will never have to worry about school again!

(in theory)

What a dream.

It's almost as great as a birthday!

In fact it is a birthday

It will mark the birth of my new life in the real world...

and I can't think of anything more wonderful at the moment.

(Photos of Tay's B-day celebration in Park City)


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