Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sista Sista

My dear Taylor,

It is your birthday today. 

and I'm so glad that you were born.

you are my little sister...who I love and respect.

who knew you could look up to your kid sister?

you are destined for great things 

as anyone who's met you knows.

any time you enter a room 

people can't help but smile

you have a light that cannot be contained, 

no matter how hard anyone could try :)

you are the most loving, charismatic, spunky girl I know...

and that is saying a lot.

I love you so much baby sister.

Thanks for being my sister, my confidant, and my best friend.

I couldn't have asked God for anything better than you.

Love, Jess

 The beautiful birthday girl

 La Jolla Groves for dinner

Pretty lemons...Spring please? 

Yummy dinner rolls...and crushed ice Diet Coke. of course. 

marinated encrusted mushroom appetizers. aka heaven on a plate.

 spinach artichoke dip

 mushroom ravioli



 my goofy brother.

 sista sista




  1. so cute. can't wait to see the fam tonight! did you love la jolla groves?!

  2. I love you! SO so so much. Way to make my whole birthday complete :)


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