Sunday, February 27, 2011

Teacher Work Sample

Ladies and Gentlemen,

this is what I've looked like for the past two days.

 I'm finishing up my last real project at BYU


you heard me right

my LAST project!

it is glorious.

but it is also a beast.

I'm talkin' like 30+ pages beastly


so in a complete contradiction of the note on the upper left hand corner of my computer screen

I'm sharing with you these pathetic photos of me that my husband took this afternoon

yes my hair is a mess

yes I have a zit the size of mt. everest on my chin from the stress

and yes their are papers completely covering the floor within a 5 ft. radius of my chair

and that's pretty much what it's looked like for the past 2 days....

but the end is in sight people.

the end is in sight!

Graduation here I come.



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