Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Birthday Girl

So yesterday 

was this lovely woman's Birthday

She is my best friend Erin 

and she's amazing.


Erin and I have many wonderful memories together,

that I wouldn't trade for anything.

She was the first friend that I could confide in in college.
(on the benches outside the Cannon Center....remember?)

She was the roommate that used to come into my room and sleep with me at night...
 when her bed was too covered in clothes.

She was the girl that knew my wardrobe inside and out...because we shared clothes so often.

She was the cook who taught me how to make oatmeal at just the right consistency.

She is the friend who flew out to Provo from San Diego just to throw me a Bridal Shower.

She is the friend who fixed my hair and held my dress for my Bridals.

She is the friend who I can call anytime and talk with for matter how long it's been since I've seen her.

She is the friend who I will have forever, no matter how much our lives change or how many states lie between us.

I love you Erin!

Happy Birthday.



  1. She looks so familiar - I feel like she was roommates with one of my sisters' friends freshman year...?

  2. Ahh! This totally makes me tear up! I just love you!! I just can't wait to see you next month! MEH!


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