Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cabin Trip

So I got my haircut yesterday

and my stylist suggested that my husband take me out for a night on the town 

you show off the new "do"

and as fun as that sounded,

we opted for a night spent at the Hank's cabin in Sundance in stead!

we had a great time.

First of all,  

we just love Dan & Becca.

They are great.

We spent the night making tin foil dinners,

 roasting mallows, 

and getting way too competitive playing games.

Then we snuggled up for the night and woke up to a hearty breakfast.

Does it get any better than that?

Oh and did I mention there was A TON of snow up there?

Because there was.

This was the the two story cabin.

We basically had to burrow in!

ok so that might be a little dramatic.

but still.

It was beautiful up there,

it's always fun to have a little getaway

even if it only takes 30 minutes to get there!

Thanks Dan & Becca!


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  1. I'm a new follow/stalker...LOVE your new hair and your courage to do it :)


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