Friday, March 25, 2011

The Good the Bad and the....Pretty

So how do you want it?

Good news first? Or bad?

How about we do a little of both :)

Good News: I came home to this cute little parcel on my door step! Nothing like a package to brighten your day! Especially when it's from avintageposter.

 Good News: I got a letter from Hermana Schumacher   (a friend who is serving a mission for our church). There is something that is just so charming about hand written letters to me. I absolutely love receiving them! (hint hint)

 Bad News: I reached up to my ear today at school...only to find that I only had one earring in! Don't you hate it when you lose an earring? They were probably my favorite pair too...and here's the real tear-jerker. They were a gift from my sweet teenage brother. What kind of 16 year old gives their older sister gifts like that? I'm sad.

 Good News: My little "parcel" contained this poster. I love it. I won a giveaway and got to choose which poster I wanted...lucky girl, I know! I deliberated forever and I'm SO happy with my choice. It's perfect for me!

 Good News: I wore a dress today that was TOTALLY Spring. White floral dress? Yes please.

 Bad News: I looked out the window at the school at about 1:00pm and realized there was 2 inches of snow on the ground. What the March? I guess I wont be whipping these bad boys out this weekend. 

 Good News: I plan to spend the majority of my free time this weekend in my reading chair with a copy of Jane Eyre in my lap. What a dream!

Have a smashing weekend little lovers!



  1. Jane Eyre is one of my faves! Very cute pictures and very cute post. xoxo

  2. Wait. What? That's your bad news? If so, life is good, girl...

  3. I'm blogstalking from Kelsey Cole's blog (I'm her mom) We were in Kuaui this past January, and a Bro. Schumacher spoke the week we went to church. I had to ask if he was the dad of Kelsey's friend from Jeru study abroad, and he was! It's a small world...


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