Friday, March 18, 2011

My ordinary, but lovely day.

You know those days.

Nothing was necessarily extraordinary.

it was just good.

It started out with a teacher prep day at school,

I lesson planned for ALL of next week

and any teacher out there knows how good that feels!

Then I spent the afternoon in Provo with this lovely lady

We grocery shopped...probably my favorite kind of shopping.

We bought pumelos and sparkling lemonade.

and got $5 manicures.

It was magical.

Then I got some pizza for a cause

With my sister. She is swell.

Oh and I bought some new sandals today,

as part of my Spring campaign.

and took this awkward picture to show them off!

Love it.

Overall my day was quite enchanting.

Even if husband didn't get home until 11:30!

Oh well, it gave Tay and I an excuse to watch An Affair to Remember

There are some movies that only a room of estrogen could fully appreciate.

Happy Friday Night!



  1. I'm happy you like pomelos! I can't stand them :) Biting the rind is the best part in my opinion!

  2. You are the cutest teacher around, and I'm loving your haircut! I want to be more like you.


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