Sunday, March 06, 2011

My Sunday Best

Today for Church

I wore an outfit made completely of hand-me-downs
(excluding the tights)

oh yes. 

I was very happy about this.

These darling oxford pumps were actually my late Grandmothers

I love wearing them, they make me feel like I'm carrying a little piece of her with me.

The woman loved shoes!

This little peter pan collared number was one of my Mom's!

She sent it to me for my birthday this past year 

and I just squealed for joy when I opened the box

I think it's darling. 

So this goes out to all those Mother's and Grandmother's out there.

Keep your cutest clothes,

your posterity will thank you some day :)


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  1. sooo cute!! i love that dress. and i totally agree. everything comes back in style eventually!


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