Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The King's Speech

A couple of weeks ago Steve and I saw The King's Speech

I think that anyone who has seen it would agree that it was a wonderful film

I loved the themes of perseverance, character, and friendship.

I would recommend it to anyone...the PG-13 version that is.

but I have to say 

the characters I was most smitten with were

these three little  guys.

I almost died when they came onto the screen

They were darling.

I knew that corgis were the Royal family's preferred dog

but I decided to do a little extra research.

Did you know that George VI was the monarch who introduced Corgis to the Royal family?

He was a smart man that one.

Impeccable taste.

Upon further research I found more work from these darlings...

So for your viewing pleasure.

Here are the three little stars from the movie,

starring in a commercial for the Royal Wedding.



  1. 00:12-00:14 of the video is my favorite.

  2. LOVE corgis! I would totally get one if it wasn't for the hair :) Too cute!


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