Monday, April 11, 2011

My Weekend

Hello little lovers!

I hope your weekends were just as fantastic as mine.

I have to say

 not having anything hanging over my head for Monday

 was quite refreshing.

a dream in fact.

Here's what my weekend looked like....

 Swanky closing event for the business school with hubby, 12 piece brass band and all. Totally my kind of scene.

 Frozen Yogurt

Secretariat. I'm not sure I can handle horse movies just yet. Let's just say my eyes weren't dry for more than a 2 minute period throughout the entire movie.

Sleeping in.

Spring cleaning.

Texas-themed graduation party. You better believe I dawned my boots and belt buckle.

A romantic stroll with my honey.

Sister time.


Fun photo shoot with Kasee and Jason.

Finishing Jane Eyre. I. love. that. novel. Now to see the film!


an early graduation present from Steve to commemorate my last day teaching....

He did good.

You should have seen my face when I opened the package!

It was perfect.


1 comment:

  1. what a FUN weekend :)

    i'm glad you liked the fajitas! tasty, right!


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