Sunday, April 17, 2011

San Diego Recap


Seeing Erin and Scott was amazing.

I missed my best friend,

and I couldn't wait to meet her sweet baby boy.

There's nothing like seeing a little part of somebody you love.

I'm sure the only thing that will trump that will be seeing my own sisters children.

(so get on that Tay why don't you? Just kidding....kind of ;)

The trip started out well,

you know you're best friends when you wear the same outfit without planning it.

Oh yes.

I got off the plane and saw my mirror image had come to pick me up.

Blazers, blue and white striped shirts, gold necklaces, navy cardigans, jeans, and flats.

 I love you Erin.

So don't mind my zero-makeup, 11:00pm, 6 hours of traveling face.

We needed to document the outfits.

Our days together were mostly spent with 

reminiscing, snuggling Scott, cooking together, old inside jokes, and girl talk. 

It was wonderful.

The weather in San Diego was a dream. 


The sun shone everyday, and I was actually comfortable outside in a skirt and short sleeves...sigh.

No wonder Southern California is so crowded.

We even got to go out one night to see Jane Eyre and get Sprinkles,

much to our husbands relief I'm sure.

(I think Steve was secretly dreading the day I decided to drag him to that)

In short,

 my trip was nothing less than magical.

This is why we understand each other. 

Beautiful boy. 

My first Sprinkles experience. 

San Diego temple at night. 

Bundle of joy. 

La Jolla. 

Beautiful Mother. 

 Baby toes.

 Cheeky little grin.

Ranunculus. I love Spring. 

I love you Erin!

Thanks for letting me come visit!



  1. Friendly Reminder:
    First comes love
    Then comes marriage
    Then comes the baby in the baby carriage.
    Patience is a virtue...
    we've got two steps to go ;)

  2. The perfect recap! LOVE YOU! Such a fun trip! I'm so glad you came to visit. the milk tyrant and I miss you :)

  3. were those the flower fields in carlsbad? if so, that's like five minutes from my house!! :( jealous...


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