Sunday, May 01, 2011


If you don't know already....

I love cooking.

and I'd like to think I'm fairly decent at it.

but one thing I'm really not good at,

is keeping my kitchen clean during preparation.

 it doesn't really help that my counter space is limited at best

but I mean....I can really make a mess.

Take this for instance.

Beautiful meal:

not so beautiful kitchen:

Good thing I have a husband who's willing to help with dishes.


Well, I'm off to make Sunday dinner,

and a messy kitchen.

So what are you? 

Do you keep your kitchen pristine while cooking...

or does your kitchen look like a hurricane hit when you're through with it?



  1. ummm you are a faaaaab cook. as in that pasta you brought to my house was delightful. as in i need to return your pan, and perhaps pick up the recipe. unless it's secret. which would be understandable. :)


  2. ooohhh yum! recipe, please?

    i try to keep the kitchen picked up as i go, however i'm not super successful at it... which usually means i'm just left with a little bit smaller of a mess than if i had done nothing at all :)

  3. Love this post! Love honesty! Love cooking! ok. So I am usually pretty good about keeping the kitchen clean. I love to have a clean kitchen while I eat. It makes eating dinner so much more relaxing because I know that most of the work is already done dishes wise. But when I am not cooking a big meal and just snacking my kitchen is a disaster. It normally takes me a good 45 minutes just cleaning the kitchen so that I can cook dinner! awful habit!

  4. How is it even possible to keep the kitchen clean while cooking?! The kitchen is not the only thing that's a disaster when I'm through, I am too. It's so sad haha. I never remember to wear an apron til I've already ruined an outfit!


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