Monday, May 09, 2011


Happy Monday everyone!

Ok have I ever told you that I'm obsessed with this song?

because I am.


and I honestly think it's because of that first line.

It's so applicable to me.


"I like your lips like I like my coca-cola...the way it pops and fizzes!"


Here's the proof:

oh and I'm sorry for the lack of recent kissy pictures
(I'm also sorry if you have an aversion to PDA...this post probably wasn't for you)

it seems that people LOVE to take pictures of you when you're engaged

and even on your wedding day

but after you're married it becomes socially unacceptable to kiss in public.

who knew?


 most of our kisses are only for our eyes these days.

but I still love those lips

and just between you and me...

I probably love them even more than I love my coca-cola


Have a wonderful Monday!

and if it happens to suit you...

enjoy your honey's lips

don't take any of those kisses for granted!


1 comment:

  1. 1. I am also... OBSESSED with that song :)
    2. elbow, shoulder, neck, head. girl... you obviously have it down. ow ow!


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