Saturday, May 07, 2011

Mother's Day

Well if I was in Coarsegold at the moment

I would swing right over to the flower shop

and grab my mom a big bouquet of peonies

but since I'm stuck two states away 

a Brighton trinket in the mail and a blogger tribute will have to suffice for now!

So to kick off Mother's Day weekend

This one's for you Mom.

Thanks for giving me my thick brown hair, 
and sitting up till the wee hours of the morning putting 300 sponge rollers in it.

Thanks for giving me the freckles on my nose
that come around every summer.

Thanks for sewing me Belle costumes, 
two years in a row.

Thanks for standing by my side
even when I maybe didn't deserve it.

Thanks for listening tirelessly to my troubles
and never telling me they weren't important...even though they probably were.

Thanks for planning every detail of my wedding with me
one 6 hour phone call at a time

and thanks for teaching me to choose family first,
no matter what.

I love you so much Mom! 

Happy Mother's Day

Thanks for being the best Mom I could ever ask for.

and just because I know all the Veater girls love T-Swift so much

I'll go ahead and dedicate this song to you.


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  1. you and your mom are gorgeous. she sounds like the best--i so know the foam roller experience!


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