Friday, May 06, 2011

On soaking up the sun.... and time together.

So you might have noticed that lately

 every other post of mine features pictures of my sister and I frolicking about Provo.

There is a reasonable explanation for this ,

and it's not that I've suddenly lost interest in spending time with the love of my life.

It's just that...

I'm anticipating our upcoming move to NYC 

that will put roughly an entire country between the two of us

and I will miss her.

so I've been spending as much time as possible

soaking her up!

and today was no different.

I threw on my cute new ruffly bathing suit 

and headed to the park with Tay for some sun, reading, and girl talk

man I'm gonna miss that girl!


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  1. I just finished My Life in France and loved it SO much. You Veater girls are lookin great as usual!


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