Sunday, May 15, 2011

Saying Goodbye to Provo...for now.

Saturday was pretty much a dream,

you know those days where nothing can really go wrong?

It was one of those days.

It started out in Salt Lake,

Steve's Mom is in town tending our nephews 

so we went up to help watch the boys and hang out with Gena.

That woman is seriously the nicest person

she completely obliterates everything I was ever told about Mother-in-laws.

You can't help but be happy when you're around her!

We proceeded back down to Provo in the afternoon,

and what started out as a "Honey let's just cuddle for five minutes"

turned in to a glorious three hour nap.



being that I leave on Monday

Steve and I decided to have a rockin' date night

and soak up Provo 

before we take our 4 ish month sabbatical.

So I jumped out of bed

threw on some flip flops

attempted to tame the rooster tail I had acquired

(It was only semi-successful)

and headed to the restaurant we will miss the most.


this night had to include Terra Mia

there was really no questioning it.

we ended up splurging and trying the foccacia for this first time.

it probably changed my life.


Dear Terra Mia,

My hips and I will miss you and your beautiful pizza.

Love, Jess

Then we got in the car

rolled down the windows

turned up the heat

and drove around on the bench

We admired the pretty mountains

and the beautiful green grass

(I swear being a Rancher's daughter wires you to revel in the color green...there's just something about green grass that makes everything more beautiful)

It was the perfect night,

cool and crisp without being cold 

we caught the sun at twilight and let the scene enchant us,


Doesn't this path look so inviting?

What a gem.

Oh and then I found my future home.

No big deal.

We concluded our night in true Steve and Jess fashion.

renting a movie of course.

and I must say that I really enjoyed this little flick.

I hesitated in renting it

mostly because I have a hard time taking Zac Efron seriously

but the combination of the Rotten Tomatoes score, 1930's fashion, and Claire Danes tipped me over the edge

and I'm so glad it did.

Zac Efron did a surprisingly good job

it was well acted and very entertaining.

Overall the night was everything it could have been and more.


 I'm just glad I could spend it holding hands with my best friend.

So goodbye Provo,

for now.


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