Thursday, June 30, 2011


There's just something that makes a girl feel good about....

*wearing polka dots

*painting her nails

*and making new friends

 while sipping some form (or really ANY form) of chocolate.

In other news... I can't believe it's Thursday!!!

This week has flown by...

which is great because Steve has work off tomorrow 

so we're heading up to Boston to explore the city!

pictures to come :)



  1. i think someone asked this in a comment a few posts back, but what company is steve interning with? Cov wants to do an internship in ny or dc, but we have heard stories about crazy hours.. like not getting home until midnight/working 60 hours a week. it looked like steve has pretty reasonable hours, so i was just curious:) looks like you two are having a blast!

  2. Kelsey: He's interning with the Business Advisory Program through Ernst & Young! His hours haven't been bad at all so far :) but I think it depends on the engagement you're on! He works with a French bank called BNP Paribas so they set his hours there!

    Julia: Thanks! That color is fabulous, I'm loving it!

  3. thanks so much!! cov is just starting the accounting jr. core this fall (you know how that is i'm sure!) so we can use all the advise we can get:)
    thanks, you are a doll!

  4. you are so adorable! love your outfit!

    i just found your blog; it's great :)


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