Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Home Tour

Well today I figured I'd take you on a little home tour

so without further adieu

I present to you

our temporary home:

The stairs up to the loft/bedroom.

I swear I almost kill myself every morning when I try to get down.


 tired groggy Jessica+steep stairs=accident waiting to happen

Once during High School I ran into a wall while I was getting ready for school

true story.


despite the possible safety hazards for myself 

I kind of love the loft!

It gives us the privacy that's usually lacking in a studio, 

tall ceilings,

and we don't have to make the bed every morning!

(Hence there's no picture of the bed today)


Reading corner

Office area

Entertainment center


Side Table/ My jewelry area? 

Who knows how it ended up there...this happens to me sometimes

The apartment was completely furnished which was such a blessing

I loved being able to just bring a suitcase full of the essentials

but I did bring a couple of things to show my personality,

Audrey needed to be here.

The dinner table

which doubles as my crafting area,


Our cute little kitchen


the bathroom cupboard

that I kind of took over...sorry Steve!

I hope you liked the tour!

We sure love our little place here,

it's perfect for us!



  1. cute place, cute blog, following...now!

  2. oooo that looks like such a city apartment, love it! you fit right in :)

  3. How in the world did you find this amazing apt. that's furnished?! I love the loft so much and I also am dying over the exposed brick. We had that in our SLC house, and it was my favorite. I'm so happy for you guys!

  4. Oh wow! Your living space is so cozy and even though it's temporary, looks like home... Happy Audrey came along too! :)

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