Saturday, June 11, 2011

On Frozen Hot Chocolate and Life Goals

So I don't know if it's because i love the movie

or because anything with the words "frozen" and "chocolate" in the description are generally up my ally

but it's always been kind of a life goal of mine to get a frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity.

Now Steve does not agree with my love for the movie

 he claims that he could not support a movie that stood for that kind of behavior

aka putting a relationship to chance (blah blah you can see he has a healthy aversion to chick flicks)

even after I told him how magical it really was.

Can you believe that?

I mean any movie that starts AND ends with a Louis Armstrong song is bound to be magical right?

I digress.

Anyway,  he eventually gave way to my girlish whims and took me

and I think he'll agree that although the movie may have it's flaws

(in his eyes)

the frozen hot chocolate certainly doesn't!

We sipped that little cup of heaven together

from two straws

on a cute little white table

while the rain poured outside

and made our own romantic movie.

Not really, 

but we probably could have.



  1. So I just saw on TV that you can get a sundae for 1,000$ at Serendipity. Crazy, right?!
    And honestly, the one you are eating looks much better than the super expensive one!! Yum.

  2. Magical is right! Greatest movie ever! I'm loving your NYC experiences!


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