Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Our first New York meal

One of the things that made me so excited about New York was the food.


So I looked forward to yesterday evening,

when we'd get to really try it out!

We were headed to see X-Men on the Upper West Side
(thank you Groupon)

and decided to get something to eat around the theatre

Now here was the problem,

I was cranky.

Cranky because we had walked all over the city. 

Cranky because I was hungry.

Cranky because I was tired.

Cranky because it was hot.

Cranky because I had a headache (probably because I was so hungry).

and cranky because I had blisters on my feet.

Not that I'm trying to make excuses or anything...

 We were trying to find a decent restaurant on Yelp 

looking like tourists on a sidewalk who don't know which way they're going

when finally we just resigned to find whatever we could on our own

because neither of us could tolerate me much longer


we started heading down a street where Steve said he saw some food

when this lady stopped us saying we wouldn't find any food down there unless we wanted "fast food or overpriced junk"

we were at her mercy.

she then proceded to tell us about a cute little Italian Cafe down the street with cheap delicious food

perfect right?

thank you New York lady, we are indebted to you eternally.

The cafe turned out to be a real gem,

I was in heaven.

and in spite of my crankiness,

I still love New York.



  1. That last picture is beautiful!! I'm glad you found good food :)

  2. oh dear, I want that pizza! How does it compare to Terre Mia?

  3. you moved to NYC?! What a lucky lady!!! that is going to be some adventure!!! congrats to you guys! you look fantastic with that red lipstick and pizza in hand!!!

  4. I have been cranky-hungry more times than I can count. So I know the feeling when you're willing to eat anything, but I'm so glad you found a NYC gem! It looks great! I'm glad you're having so much fun.


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